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Size Guide - Panel Cheeky Bikinis

Find Your Perfect Panel Cheeky Bikini

An Easy Guide


Kulani Kinis wants you to find the best size to fit your body. Please reference the following table to find your best size for our Panel Cheeky Bikini bottoms. We have listed all the unique size guides below so please keep scrolling to find the cheeky bikini you are most interested in.


General Size Guide Bikini Bottoms
Size (AUS) XS S M L XL
Australia 6 8 10 12 14
USA 2 4 6 8 10
Canada 2 4 6 8 10
Japan 5 7 9-11 11-13 13-15
France 34 36 38-40 40-42 42-44
UK 6 8 10-12 12-14 14-16
Europe 32 34 36-38 38-40 40-42
Size (AUS) Australia USA Canada Japan France UK Europe
XS 6 2 2 5 34 6 32
S 8 4 4 7 36 8 34
M 10 6 6 9-11 38-40 10-12 36-38
L 12 8 8 11-13 40-42 12-14 38-40
XL 14 10 10 13-15 42-44 14-16 40-42


Below we have included measurements of all our Panel Cheeky Bikini bottom styles so you can compare them to something you already have at home!


Panel Cheeky Bikini Bottom 

These measurements are of the Panel Cheeky Bottom lying flat on the ground, so find a bottom at home that fits with similar measurements and then you can compare them to find what size works best!

 Size Height Width
XS 18 cm 33cm
S 19 cm 35 cm
M 20 cm 37 cm
L 21 cm 39 cm
XL 22 cm 41 cm
Size XS S M L XL
Height 18 cm 19 cm 20 cm 21 cm 22 cm
Width  33 cm 35 cm 37 cm 39 cm 41 cm



    Some girls like to pull this style up over their waist, others like high rise back and low rise front, your choice! Just do as you want on this one! As you can see front and back of the Panel Cheeky Bottoms are almost the same!




    Additional Swimwear Notes:


      • Please be assured it is normal for seamless swimwear to fold over slightly showing the reverse side. All colour tones of our swimwear are designed with this in mind.


      • We also have a Chat Service that you can access at the bottom right of your browser. Just tap the 'Chat' service and you can speak directly to us. If it is unattended, please leave your email address and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


      • If you are in between two sizes, we recommend choosing the bigger of the two.


      • Please note pastel colours may become opaque when wet. Neon colours may run for initial washes. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more details & care instructions.


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